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If you are a birth mother seeking to establish paternity for child support purposes — if you are a biological father who hungers for a role in your child's life — we offer the necessary legal representation to supports your goals. We are Jennifer L. Davis and Emily M. Konicek of Davis & Konicek, P.A. Our nearly 20 years of combined experience with a variety of family law issues can benefit your paternity objectives.

At Davis & Konicek, P.A., we accept cases in which paternity, DNA paternity testing and disestablishment can directly affect child support and child custody status. We serve married and unmarried individuals and couples seeking confirmation or termination of parental rights, resolutions to time-sharing or shared-parenting disputes.

You need paternity attorneys who truly listen to you, who value your opinion and can advocate aggressively for you and your family. We will take your goals to family court and present them with the passion and personal attention they deserve.

Your paternity legal issues are in capable hands at Davis & Konicek, P.A. Contact our caring Florida family law attorneys for a free consultation toll free at 888-364-0391.

Honest Answers to Your Questions About Paternity

Paternity legal issues can arise when:

  • A father refuses to acknowledge paternity, making it difficult for a birth mother to receive child support.
  • A mother challenges paternity and refuses to allow a father to see his child.
  • Child support obligations are forced upon a man who suspects he is not a father.
  • A contempt citation or enforcement order is necessary to ensure fulfillment of child support obligations, and many other situations

Our skilled lawyers can walk you through the steps needed to establish paternity, initiate paternity proceedings, challenge paternity or execute paternity testing. You can depend on our full-service family law firm to deal with your issues professionally and respectfully.

Fathers' Rights

Are you a father who wants to be a part of your child's life? We assist fathers in situations where the mothers are essentially trying to refuse the father time with the child. We can assert your parental rights to time sharing and help determine your child support obligation.

If you have questions about paternity or parental rights we can help. Tell us more, candidly and confidentially, during your free initial consultation with Davis & Konicek, P.A.

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