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Hedge-fund manager to pay $50,000 in monthly child support

Few Florida residents ever imagine spending $50,000 each month on their child support payments. Yet, that is exactly what a hedge fund manager in New York has been ordered to do after he failed to successfully negotiate new terms for his monthly payments to his ex-fiancee. The woman, whose father is the former head of the venerated HSBC Bank, argued that her ex-fiance had attempted to circumvent a ruling out of Hong Kong. However, the foreign court's decision was affirmed by the Manhattan Supreme Court in July.

In addition to making future child support payments, the 48-year-old man will also be responsible for paying more than $570,000 in overdue child support, including interest and legal fees. The woman, a Hong Kong socialite, had the upper hand after a ruling by an overseas court. The Manhattan court rejected a number of protests from the man's attorneys, who argued that the foreign court did not deserve full consideration under the existing doctrine of comity.

Congressional representative slated for divorce mediation

A government representative from Florida's neighbor to the north has been ordered to work with a mediator to resolve a property division dispute over money for two of his children. The man, U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford, will work with a mediator to clarify information in his 2010 divorce decree, which required both parents to equalize the amount of money in trusts for their two youngest boys. They were attempting to beef up the younger boys' trust accounts so they would have a value closer to those of their older brothers, who were closer to college age and thus had higher amounts in their trusts.

The couple will be required to schedule a mediation meeting within the month. The woman says she is hopeful that the mediation will help the pair resolve their issues. They have already used negotiations in connection with a reported divorce agreement violation that occurred in 2013, when Sanford apparently visited his ex-wife's home without her assent. In that case, he was visiting the home to watch the Super Bowl with his son.

Florida divorce expensive, but still popular

Florida residents, get ready for some bad news: Our state has the most expensive divorces. Getting divorced is not only expensive in this state, but it can also be extremely challenging. A new rating from a well-known website has determined that Florida divorce is fraught with barriers that can make ending your marriage more difficult here than in other jurisdictions.

The survey, conducted by FindTheBest.com, considered a variety of factors including filing fees, complexity of legal paperwork, duration of the process and even the states’ divorce rates. Although Florida is the most expensive state for a divorce – with a cost of $409 for processing fees – the other barriers are not as extreme. Florida was given a moderate score of 60 on the ranking scale.

Paul George looks to move paternity case to Florida

Scores of Florida fathers have to endure the paternity test process every year to determine whether they are the true fathers of the children they have been raising. Although this seems like the plight of the common man, celebrities can also be affected by paternity conflict. Take, for example, the Indiana Pacers' Paul George, who is seeking sole custody of his child from a New York woman. He is waiting for the results of a scientific paternity test to determine whether he is the child's father.

George is seeking full custody of the child because he says that choice is in the best interest of the child. Not only does George have more financial resources than the mother; he says he would provide a better household because the mother of the child is not employed and generally depends on others for assistance. Although George is seeking full custody, he said he would be amenable to some level of limited shared parenting. Experts say that George is looking to move the trial to Florida, because that is where he met the mother of his child.

Florida mom accused of taking child after child custody visit

A Florida woman who did not want her child to be vaccinated apparently abducted the 2-year-old girl and is now facing federal criminal charges. The 22-year-old woman and her daughter were last seen in early May, when the child's father dropped the girl off for her scheduled child custody visitation. The two parents share 50 percent custody, so they often traded off weeks with the young girl. After the most recent visitation, though, the woman and the girl were nowhere to be found.

The mother is now subject to a federal warrant that calls for her arrest on allegations of interference with child custody, kidnapping and concealing a minor contrary to a court order. Authorities believe that the woman has crossed state lines to avoid being prosecuted in the state of Florida. The mother and daughter have yet to be located by police.

Wife facing barriers to divorce as husband held in secret prison

Divorce is never an easy process -- but what if you cannot find your husband? That is the situation facing one federal inmate whose husband is in state protective custody in a secret prison. The Florida woman wanted to file for divorce while she was incarcerated; however, the process has been delayed because the husband is in the witness protection program. The man is being housed in a secret prison because he testified against others involved in organized crime.

The woman in the case is serving an 18-month prison sentence in a federal prison in Florida, just hours from the couple's former home in Fort Lauderdale. That woman was convicted of hiding assets from bankruptcy officials and prosecutors during the criminal investigation. The 52-year-old man is incarcerated on a 50-year term after he admitted to overseeing a $1.4 billion Ponzi scheme.

Berry ordered to pay $16,000 monthly in child support to ex

It is not often that we hear about a celebrity couple in which the woman pays child support to the man. However, famous actress Halle Berry has been ordered to do just that. The woman, who is familiar to many Florida residents, has been ordered to pay $16,000 each month to the father of her young daughter. That child support case was decided in late May by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge.

This case shows just how much our cultural norms have shifted in recent decades -- many of us assume that the "moneyed" spouse will be the man. However, a growing trend toward wealthy women paying child support has been emerging. Gender equality and father's rights should play a role in determining not only who will be the custodial parent, but also how child support will be distributed.

Making positive changes out of a divorce difficult but necessary

We rarely hear the term "positive divorce." Many Floridians a divorce as a painful and destructive process, especially when they are in the midst of the proceedings. However, experts say that divorce can actually be a good thing. It can make you more understanding and compassionate as a partner; out of the ashes of your relationship, you can still build a beautiful existence.

When you are in the midst of a difficult marriage, it seems like all you can think about is your own misery. However, it is critical to remember that the other person was also experiencing difficulty throughout the ups and downs of your relationship. Both people were doing the best they could, but it clearly did not work. When you both began to decide imagining your life without the other person, it is fair to say that your relationship died.

Keys to acing your Florida divorce deposition

So, you are preparing to give a deposition for your Florida divorce. Maybe you have seen the courtroom scenes from films in which a baffled ex-spouse is raked over the coals by the opposing attorney. Maybe you are a little nervous about what you should say during your deposition.

Sure, a deposition seems intimidating -- but you can definitely make it through. Attorneys say that depositions in real life rarely resemble those seen in the movies, and your lawyer will be there to help you with the tough stuff! Today, we provide you with a few tips to prepare for and participate in your divorce deposition.

Girl returned to mother after 4-year custody ordeal

A Florida woman was reunited with her long-lost daughter after the child was discovered living with her father in a remote and mountainous region close to Mexico City. News reports show that the woman had continued to search for her daughter for years after her disappearance; the girl went missing in August 2009. The woman had lost access to her daughter after the girl's father refused to return her from a visit. The 55-year-old man had a warrant out for his arrest because of alleged interference with child custody.

Now, the woman and her daughter have been reunited again, with federal U.S. and Mexican officials to thank for returning the girl to her family home. Authorities say that they had distributed information about the girl -- including an age-progressed image -- but they had few indications about the child's whereabouts. That is, until a tip was submitted to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children indicating that the girl and her dad were living in the mountains outside of Mexico City.

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